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 I’ve read a lot of books and I just want to say that Chris has told her story from the heart. It comes across with every page I read. I want to continue instead of putting it down. Chris makes you feel that you’re right there with her through all her ups and downs. Chris has shown me that her heart and will to survive are AMAZING, showing us that instead of using all that has happened as an excuse to give up she just continues on. As mentioned in another comment I can’t wait to read her next book. Bring it on Chris!!!


Christine Hannon

Dear Christine......I do hope you don't mind me writing to you ...........I have just read your book... A HAIRDRESSERS DIARY.....and just wanted you to know how good I thought it was ....I am a hairdresser myself and still doing it and still love it although I am now 69, but a sort of young 69.I have a small salon at the front of my house.....I still love what I  do and and still feel that feeling when someone goes out of my salon feeling good about themselves knowing I made them feel like that....I felt your pain when you had to give up because of your back, I don't know what I would do if god forbid I had to stop...I guess I would also do more of my art work funny how a lot of hairdressers are also into art anyway just wanted to tell how good I thought your book was thank you for writing it x



 Okay, so I have heard you relate this tale and it made me emotional at that time.
I read about this person in the unedited version of your book and I was teary.
And, reading it on the net, I was very emotional, and I knew what a fantastic job you did for this lady.
I know that you have always been a very giving person and aid all who request your help! You don’t know how to say no.
I tried to put this on that page but it kept telling me there was an error, if you can get it there, please do so. 



I am taken in completely by the history, time frame, etc....you have taken great consideration and time to show me the "goings on" of the times as well as what your experiences were. This is turning into not only a story of your personal journey with your childhood/adulthood/career, but also learing about some of the way things "used to be back in the day..."...this just gets more and more interesting.....clear down to the purchase of perm rods and the need for "clean" brushes due to "regulations"...I have no problem believing also that you, dear Chris, are a natural!!

Hugs Dorothy

By Kathleen Boston McCune
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Christine's autobiography so clearly comes from her heart and soul and compels the reader to stay with it to the last word. I enjoyed the tale and wanted to hug her throughout, but particularly when she was still a toddler and being pushed away from her mother by her mother....how utterly heartless and unfathomable to me, the mother of two children myself, I could never imagine treating them thusly. She had the stalwart fortitude to stand up straight as her beloved Grandmother decreed and march forward under her own strength alone....well done you!!

I feel sure you have raised your children with love you missed all those years.

5.0 out of 5 stars From Dolls to Real People

By Nancy Clark Townsend

This review is from: A Hairdresser's Diary (Kindle Edition)

Christine Hannon's journey from childhood to emancipated adult as chronicled by her diary is an interesting read and worth taking the trip with her. Despite the terrible cruelty of her mother and step-family she proves what grit and determination can do. She never gave up on her dream of becoming a hair stylist - from dolls to real people. She found strength in writing poetry and drawing along the way as well as writing in her diary. Against all odds and with help from unexpected sources she obtains not only her dreamed-of career, but love, marriage and a family of her very own. She held my attention despite the fact that I personally have never been interested in the "beauty" business.

By francisfactor
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This book engaged me from the beginning as Christine describes her difficult childhood. Even though she suffers hardships, many brought on by her family, she goes on to achieve her dream of becoming a hairdresser. The portion of the book in which she describes going to beauty school is fascinating, and she details many trade secrets along the way and lets the reader in on dealing with headlice as well as showing the glamourous side of the profession. As she begins her career she brings in fascinating details about her customers and the new fashion of using the seasons to determine what colors would best suit the customer. In school and on the job, Christine shows her heart as she helps customers with their problems. She relates how she has to adapt to new job situations and to a tragic accident that leaves her in constant pain and unable to pursue her career. Despite the setbacks she's experienced, Christine's sense of humor, love of her family and personal courage shine through in the pages of this book. As you read, you'll not only learn a lot about hairstyling, but about how Christine handles life's setbacks with determination and grace.

Wow! What a story. You did some really wonderful work. That's an amazing way to learn a profession. I'm now completely hooked on your story. Nothing dry about it. A book for all to read.

I really loved reading your story. There are so many things going on here, parental abuse, loss of trust in your mother, the upheaval of starting again, and, most importantly, that against all those odds you were still prepared to invest in your future, not take the easier option of a higher paid job that would net you less in the long run. A very enjoyable book that now has me hooked to read more!

By angel1957
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
WOW Chris! When I went into fb and saw there was a suggested friend for me named 'Christine Hannon' I figured maybe it was the younger one...but NO it was YOU!! YAY! Then to find out you had written a book about your life and tales of hairdressing..some of which I had heard first hand from you a 'few' years ago as we sat having tea as friends or as I or my daughters Donna or Mindy sat having our hair done by you. In fact if I remember correctly my oldest daughter Donna was going through something at one time and you wrote a little poem for her. Now back to your book...so on May 6th I bought your book for my Kindle Fire and on May 7th @ around 11:45pm I finally could put it down...FINISHED! You see sometimes reading a book is easy and refreshing, like ice cream on a hot summer day. Compulsive and addictive, like a drug you just can't get enough of..and these I found in reading Chris's Memoirs. I cringed and cried at the life she lived as a child growing up but I first handed lay KNOW and have SEEN the BEAUTIFUL woman inside AND out that Chris has become due to the trials and tribulations she has gone through, and when Chris tells us she's a 'Chatty Cathy' please BELIEVE it!! She is, but in the most awesome way! Thank you Chris for this awesome read! I CANNOT WAIT for the sequel
Lovingly Always
Debi xox

5.0 out of 5 stars Too caught up in the story to edit!

By Betsy A. Riley

This review is from: A Hairdresser's Diary: By looking into the mirror of others, we come to see the reflection of ourselves. (Paperback)I found your story very interesting. I kept getting caught up in the story and having to backtrack to edit the section I just read. And the ending left me wanting to know more. Your story is so inspiring, especially that you maintain such a "can do", positive attitude in sprite of all that has been thrown your way.

Aside from your life story, which was gripping, the view it gave of the changes in salon services (and clientele) over the decades was interesting from a historical perspective.

I remember the days of setting lotion and curlers, and ladies going out with their hair in curlers. I remember the shift to tousled, "natural" looks. I remember when the color seasons swept through America (I am a winter who always thought I was a fall-switching my color palette made a tremendous difference). It was fascinating to hear about all that change from the perspective of a stylist.

I wish you all blessings and joy. I hope that others can read your story and be touched by it as well.

By craig
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Just read for the second time and it was even better! A must read by everyone that enjoys a laugh and a tear!

I have enjoyed reading your story. You used great descriptive language I could almost feel the cold, hunger and pain, physical as well as emotional. A poignant write that sends the heart reeling... you paint words with colors dark and bright... the presentation of events flow in a good sequence, staying on course as you go along.... a riveting theme with emotional appeal! I can't wait for the next book.

Sandra V


Inspirational story of how dreams can become reality and struggles become blessings. I was unable to put this book down. The writing is refreshing and down to earth.

5.0 out of 5 stars Inspiring
By Kathleen Boston McCune "Kathleen Boston McCune" (Prairie Village, Kansas)
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: A Hairdresser's Diary (Kindle Edition)
Christine's autobiography so clearly comes from her heart and soul and compels the reader to stay with it to the last word. I enjoyed the tale and wanted to hug her throughout, but particularly when she was still a toddler and being pushed away from her mother by her mother....how utterly heartless and unfathomable to me, the mother of two children myself, I could never imagine treating them thusly. She had the stalwart fortitude to stand up straight as her beloved Grandmother decreed and march forward under her own strength alone....well done you!!

By Dana Burkey on December 15, 2015
Format: Paperback
I downloaded this book off of Smashwords a few days ago and it was just amazing!

First of all I want to say a big THANK YOU to the author for opening about her life in such a real and vulnerable way! Reading all that she went through I know it was not easy to sit and think about it again and write it all down. But, I am thankful she did since it was beautiful!

The whole book was just amazing. The writing felt like a bug from a friend. I felt drawn in and cared about everything right from the start. I felt the emotions and the raw feelings right away! I enjoyed seeing things from the authors perspective, even during the hard moments thanks to those around her!

This might be because I have a few friends that have gone to hair school, or are there now, but I felt like I knew the author and could really see her going through everything. It was like she was someone who I had met and who had cut my hair along the way! It was truly amazing!

I feel like I have not said much about the book in this review, but at the same time, I want you to experience and read it all for yourself! Just know that it was beautiful, and that you will need to keep tissues close by!!!

A Hairdresser's Diary by Christine Hannon is a collection of memorable events in the author's life that come together and become the essence of this captivating book. It's a story of one woman's determination to fight against the staggering pricks of life in order to fulfill her heart's desire of becoming a successful hairdresser. Filled with an array of emotions from heart wrenching to funny, this book covers the life of Christine from childhood to adult in a simplistic, yet thorough approach that readers can relate to and appreciate. I recommend this read to anyone and everyone who is going through a rough time in their life, as an encouragement and inspiration to never give up on your dream.

 Hi Chris,
You must have known I was thinking of you, and I’m sorry that I missed you as I really wanted to tell you in person what an amazing book you’ve written. I have tried several times to email you how much I enjoyed reading your book, but the words never seemed enough to express my feelings and thoughts. But here goes:
Thank you so much for letting me read your book! Your book was both heartbreaking and truly inspiring at the same time. To think of all that you had to endure and concur in such a short time span and still be able to laugh and love is truly amazing! I loved reading about the hairdressing tricks, techniques and colour charts. (Some people are so funny in their thinking and what they think works best for them!)
It was very heart wrenching to know what your childhood was like and to know that a mother could give up her child so easily and then continue to take advantage of you. I am so glad that you found Ron and that you were able to put your past behind you and create the family life you should have had and deserved.
Congratulations on your wonderful book and for showing that you can overcome your problems if you are determined enough and that there are some very special people in this world who are there to help you along the way. Congratulations Again Chris!

  Chris I love your book. Enjoyed the term "shampoo girl." I've never heard the word "tenterhooks." I think it's helpful that you describe your personality a little, as in "not shy." Also good for setting to cite the specific location, where you were, 

"East London." Fascinating and hilarious bit about the "blonde" wannabe!! "Everyone's shoulder to cry on, keepers of secrets." This is really excellent writing. Really great! "Kid gloves, unpaid psychologists." Love it! "Working on their heads loosened their tongues," that is so cute!! Such a beautiful, detailed, and special description of the little, frail lady. Just wonderful. I think this is my favourite so far.

Candance P